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Poem - Insane Iceberg

Hate crimes do not exist in a vacuum. The perpetrators are the visible edge of a societal illness. The trend now is to call them insane or mad. The truth is bigger than this soothing fairy tale told by society to ease it’s conscious.

Insane Iceberg
Poem for Day 175 – 20150624

They call him insane,
mad virgin birth,
society not to blame.
Hold fast to that lie
if you dare to hide,
for the truth of it madness,
an inch deep and a mile wide.
Shift the narrative,
the perspective changes,
with society in blame instead.

Pride of heritage
instead of
raging hatred.

Maintaining order
instead of
state of terror.

Tradition embraced
instead of
power retained.

Defending constituents
instead of
suppressing outsiders.

Preserving history
instead of
continuing discrimination.

Does that feel better now?
The man is no longer to blame.
Insanity is a matter of perspective,
gradients of shared introspection.
The man is as alone as
the tip of the insane iceberg.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: hatred, heritage, insane, poem

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