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Poem - Journey's End

Two events inspired me in my poem with the theme of “smile”. The first is the ruling on same-sex marriage by the Supreme Court. An online article stated that the acceptance of same-sex marriage is driven by higher margins among the young. I saw another article that stated the Millennials outnumbered Boomers. One of my favorite songs is “I’m Counting on You” by Chris De Burgh. Like Chris, I believe that the upcoming generations are our best hope against the state of the world today.

Journey's End
Poem for Day 178 – 20150627

You see the smile on this face,
on this one twice your age.
Before I rest I now know
the world is held in good hands.
The nightmare is fading now
as I ready myself to sleep.
A new day dawns on the land
as my journey's end draws near.

Power games of the oldsters,
toxic contingencies of despair,
entrenched in dusty dogmas,
hanging onto what once was.
This was to be my legacy,
my generation’s gift to you.
With thanks you rejected it,
putting aside the barbed branch.

Poisoned fruit unplanted,
field left fallow for new growth.
You've rebuked the offering,
choosing to plant other crops.
The bloodied walls are torn down,
their protections no longer desired.
Gates opened to paths all may walk,
through gardens once blindly sacrosanct.

Now it is time for me to join
the elders passing from this world.
We've had our time, pass the stage,
and move the world along this day.
When I lay down my head,
to sleep long after this life,
you'll see me smile to myself
as my journey's end draws near.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: hope, poem, prejudice, youth

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