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Poem - Heart Released

American acceptance of same sex marriage topped 60% of the polled population. With this is an inferred acceptance of LGBTQ people. How did this happen? A decade ago the percentage of same sex marriage acceptance was 39%. My personal theory focuses on walls being broken down when a person knows somebody who is LGBTQ. These close relationships put a human face to the differences. Prejudices of any stripe are difficult to maintain when faced with shared humanity. The poem “Heart Released” has the very loose theme of rainbow. The rainbow is a bridge between people. I’ve met rainbow people in my life, and it is my fondest hope that I can do the same for others.

Heart Released
Poem for Day 182 – 20150701

Bridge between the worlds,
the intercessor to a heart constrained,
you've worked magic here,
opening the eyes of one who could not see.
Allow me to share
the person I used to be before I met you.
It is a sad tale
of the one who was once lost before I met you.

Life was askew,
fear was my companion when I went abroad.
Strangers faces
were all I met when I walked in the world.
Just slipping away,
my life meant less than nothing to me.
Sorrow filled the space
where soul connections were meant to be.

their cultural norms were foreign to me.
I was distrusting,
fearful of anything new to cloistered me.
Society's hates,
distilled over the many generations,
drip dropped in
to taint that place where good should be.

Once separated,
the gulf between was filled with ignorance.
Only differences,
no commonalities bound you to me.
Disparate groupings,
me and mine separate from you and yours.
I’ve broken from them,
you’re the important difference that drives me.

Now I’ve met you,
the world a better place when you're next to me.
discovered in celebration of the person I am now.
A common world held
in this bridge between the you and the me.
A most happy tale
now that that my heart has been released.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, relationships, understanding

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