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Poem - Way of the Gray

Minority groups have their own pecking order. There are degrees of legitimacy withing sub-cultures. The Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage was seen as win for the LGBTQ community. An observant friend pointed out that the victory was not a united victory. The TQ communities struggle still. The B community is still seen as the hedonist deviants of the mix. Again, this is not unusual in sub-cultures. There are always first among equals, with the tolerated participants on the edges.

Way of the Gray
Poem for Day 183 – 20150702

L and G lead the pack,
stalwarts of victories,
BTQ followed behind,
red-haired step children.
Neither fish nor fowl,
lukewarm, not hot or cold,
that's what they are.
B accused of stealth,
for being the hedonistic ones.
T is neither up nor down.
Couldn't they just
make up their minds.

Respect garnered for the leaders L and G,
derision for the outliers,
T and Q the minority within.
Standing outside huddled masses,
no man's land of society,
condemned by both sides.
The polarity purity is dissatisfied,
the practiced measurements fall short.
Wired from birth becomes
mentally disturbed.
Non-harassment is our victory,
cray cousins in the mix,
this is the way of the gray.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: lgbtq, poem

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