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Poem - Mirrors

At the beginning of July I am at the half-way point on my year of poetry. The goal of producing at least one poem a day has become a journey of shared exploration. I have given myself permission to both share and to act as a mirror to others. So much of life happens below the surface and behind the scenes. Where will the second half of the year go? I look forward to us continuing the poetic voyage.

Poem for Day 184 – 20150703

A year of poetry at the middle mark,
one a day with compliment bonuses,
a life revealed in stanza's breath.
Styles may change from day to day,
free form and then lyrical,
a life made accessible to you.

Do I speak of others or myself?
The larger world is inspiration
as I explore the part known as me.
Have I revealed too much there?
Reading between the lines may confuse,
as I show myself to those who see.

Mirrors looking for a viewer,
ready to reveal the secrets
of readers with soul similar.
Revelation to those who browse
expressions of disparate themes,
hope, love, despair, lust, awareness.

Life has connected us, you and I,
spilled ink read is a common thread
revealing how alike we are.
Halfway there through time's steady march,
I can only ask that you read on,
as I speak to both of us.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: mirrors, poem, shared, year of poetry

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