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Poem - Vacation

I am very familiar with the idea of taking a vacation. For a long time it has been too comfortable a thought. The good news is that I'm not ready. Things to do, people to see. Current and future friends, connections to others as a whole, is the best medicine.

Poem for Day 185 – 20150704

If I could go on vacation,
leave this mess behind,
go away for time time,
forever perhaps,
it would be a relief.

If I could go on vacation,
stray from my fate,
dodge my karmic burden,
life would be easier
because trials would be past.

I could go on vacation,
I'd write you a note
before I departed saying
I'd miss you bunches
and to continue on without me.

But here's the rub my friend,
I'm here to stay,
no vacation for me.
There's to much to celebrate,
to much of life to embrace.

Life's connections in multitude,
seen and unseen,
connect me to the wide world,
beckoning with a promise
I made to you and me.

And to all my future friends,
the ones I've yet to be,
vacation would rob me,
remove the special possibility
since I'd never meet you.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, suicide, vacation

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