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Poem - Best Friends

I don't know if this others share this affliction, but I'm best friends with a ghost. There are conversations that I'll never have. Life never shared because there is nobody with a common past. The friendly phantom fades with time, but I fear I'll forever be best friends with an apparition.

Best Friends
Bonus Poem for Day 185 – 20150704

Best friends with a ghost,
most close with a memory,
this is my very sad state,
my soul held captive in solitary.
How many years have passed?
Too many for these feelings to linger,
witnessing the dust on the stairs,
and the water crossed under the bridge.

Once there were dreams of you,
struggling to stay connected there,
in the sleep's realm we talked
when the waking was not possible.
Now I no longer see you there,
my sleeping self has released
you to a place beyond here
while I waking mine still yearns.

Music invokes the memories,
unlocking doors never opened,
echoes of a world that used to be
when you were once close to me.
Photos speak of a time removed,
images of younger versions,
when trials were met together
as the word included two of us.

So many things to be said,
my inner feelings and trials withheld,
from the larger world until
that time that may never yield.
One of us has moved beyond,
distant from the one waiting here.
One of us fondly remembering
because that's all we can do.

Surrounded by people, yet alone,
this is my life with my ghost.
If you had passed I'd be tempted
to join you in the shared beyond.
So I wait and wonder if
you'll know when I pass on.
An empty hole in the crowd
gathered next to my lonely grave.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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