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Poem - Crossroads

I had an opportunity to think about lives divided. For a time lives are shared. Life happens, fate intervenes, choices are made, and two roads are taken. The outcome of these thoughts was the poem “Crossroads”.

Bonus Poem for Day 186 – 20150705

Two roads taken,
by choice and by fate,
two roads walked,
separated at the crossroads.
There is a tale to be told of roads,
they run long and hard through life,
partners on the journey temporary
when the crossroads are met.

The road ran in a single thread,
two lives marched in loving step.
Give and take, fight and embrace,
still the path was shared by both.
Divergence came one fateful day,
the single road met two connected,
the journey could continue in singular,
just as likely to split apart.

Listen to me young ones,
adults make the hard choices,
the ones that last a lifetime,
the ones that define destiny.
You'll never understand the choices
until your walk in their shoes.
Footprints in the path seem clear,
the reasons you'll truly never know.

Making the commitments,
setting the intentions,
seeking the pleasure,
finding the salvation.
It's not easy, its not fair,
but sadly it was meant to be.
Two roads taken at the crossroads,
two lives separated at the crossroads.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: choice, decisions, fate, life, poem, separation

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