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Poem - Living with Madness

The poem “Living with Madness” comes with a stern warning that it is dark, very dark.

Living with Madness
Bonus Poem for Day 186 – 20150705

Living with madness,
with worthiness measured
by the last time they yelled.
Word of chastising anger
cuts to the deep bone.
If I only I could bleed
from these wounds imagined,
then I would pass quietly
from insanguined cause.

Living with madness,
accomplishment no merit,
retrospect ashes heaped
for a damaged soul to disregard.
The trapdoor awaits below,
a single remark opening
the hatch to ready despair
of a thousand past days.

Dying with madness,
resolved with cold steel,
a few inches inserted,
all would be well.
A few pounds of pressure,
this would all go away.
In chill memorial
these words offer reason
where none seemed to be.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dark, madness, poem, suicide

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