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Poem - I Want to Play

I have poem fragments put back for times when inspiration struggles. The poem “I Want to Play” had fragment portions in the first two stanzas. The end results speaks the challenges realized when the whole of life is embraced either directly or through empathic relating.

I Want to Play
Poem for Day 187 – 20150706

I want to play a man,
act the superior weakness.
Walk the stage with exaggerated
confidence and aplomb.
Inside I would shiver with fear,
shy and unsure of my true place
in the drama that is my life.

I want to play a woman,
voice the exerted strength.
Work harder than most must
to accomplish the same things.
Inside I would be exhausted,
wanting rest from the pace
while I struggle to run in place.

I want to play all the races,
celebrate diversity,
embrace the majorities
within each minority.
Inside I would see same trials,
the lesser members pulled from the ranks
as the elite find their rightful place.

I wanted to play all these things,
to try a different costume for a time,
to speak the lines of another one,
in a sad attempt to broaden myself.
There I found myself at the end,
tribulations embraced by each,
as the lights went down on the stage.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: diversity, experience, poem, trials

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