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Poem - Write Some Poetry

The poem “Write Some Poetry” speaks to the timeless flexibility of the artistic medium. It also speaks to the power of poetry to share the author's thoughts.

Write Some Poetry
Poem for Day 188 – 20150707

Let's write some poetry,
spill creative ink on the page.
Before we start this adventure
allow me to share some thoughts with you.

I will write, you will write,
each creating a work of art.
The purpose may change with time,
with each of us creating different things.
A product of single moment,
distinct in purpose and intent.
Judge not our work as static,
time will spill ink differently.
Poetry is unique to each person,
I'll write lyrical stanzas,
your free form will flow from pen,
each of equal value to the world.

I will write, you will write,
pour our lives onto the page.
More than words will flow from pen,
our inner thoughts will be exposed.
Spawn of strongest emotions,
some mixed with intent darkest
others celebratory of life,
beware our use of poetry.
The vehicle to share the heart,
the voice to speak when we are mute.
Veiled in language indistinct,
we can speak truths most indiscreet.

So we wrote some poetry,
made it short and made it long,
in the end shared ourselves
through prose and power of word.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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