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Poem - First Kiss

An extremely kissable friend’s Tumblr page got me thinking about first kisses. The result was the poem “First Kiss”, a PG-13 poem.

First Kiss
Poem for Day 189 – 20150708

First kiss begins
in a general proximity.
The mouth or throat,
the ear or neck,
my lips to flesh,
mutual caress,
wet and warm,
timidity suborned.

Attention returned,
clothes removed
to reveal more.
Kisses continue,
roaming over
the soft parts
the hard parts
the curves
the planes.
of passion
explored by
kisses implored
from lips obsessed
by taunt response
moist expressed
bodies stretched
kisses lost
in the

as I awake
from my revelry,
flush with the thoughts
of this shared carnality,
I wonder when the time will come
that I will first kiss the one I want.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: kiss, poem

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