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Poem - Poetry Like Bob Ross

Bob Ross, creator and host of The Joy of Painting, is credited for introducing viewers to oil painting using a quick-study technique that used a limited palette of paints in each work. Poetry can be written in a similar way, with a small tool-kit creating impressive works. My poem “Poetry Like Bob Ross” honors the master instructor.

Poetry Like Bob Ross
Poem for Day 190 – 20150709

To write poetry like Bob Ross,
layering on the wet-on-wet words.
Joy of Poetry is our goal,
replete with happy trees and peaks.
Bridges, flowers, barns, and fences,
cabins that never have chimneys,
my words will speak with calming voice
as we apply our layered lyrics.

Relax, make love to the words,
with a little touch, little nudge.
beating the devil out of it,
making the world as joyous as you can.
Pen the almighty mountains,
in spilled ink add a shorter friend.
Behind stanzas of choppy seas,
merry little clouds are codified.

This is your world, you are creator,
with the freedom of your words,
bringing good thoughts with your heart,
with the freedom of cheerful phrases.
So long from all of us here,
wishing you happy poetry,
make the world as cheery as you can,
everyday is a good day with poetry.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: cheerful, happy, poem

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