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Poem - My Partner

A pretty incredible friend asked for feedback. I said that they embraced dance. Embraced dance, three syllables that mean so much to me. I’ve seen my friend struggle with dance and I’ve witnessed them bringing joy to themselves and others with dance. The poem / song “My Partner” is an exploration of the relationship of a dancer and their cherished activity.

My Partner
Poem for Day 191 – 20150710

My frequent companion to life,
testimony to my sanity.
How did I survive before you
when now you daily in my thoughts?
My step confesses my love affair,
attraction distracting my life,
your company filling the hours,
until we meet to join again.

Music reminds me of our time,
together before, promising more.
Dulcet singers trip my ear
as they speak your name to me.
I’ll wait patiently until that time,
when we join in like company.
Bards console me until that time
I find respite in familiar arms

You’ll never hear these words,
this matters not special one.
Dance in my heart and my life,
my personal cavalcade.

Sometimes you treat me not so well,
and yes I have a hand in this,
the ache and sweat, discomfort sweet,
when we are in close company.
Sometimes I get down and glum,
forgetting how you lift me up,
refresh my soul and left my spirit
when life has gone gray again.

Sometimes I think we’ve seen too much,
company grown stale over time,
moves repeated with apathy,
lackluster glee in rote repetitively.
Then you surprise, or is it me,
bringing something new and fresh?
Exploration of our limits
is the challenge I must embrace.

I’ll share you with others if I must,
I suppose that is the way this is,
you, me and them in sure company,
that’s how this relationship must be.
We may struggle, this is our life,
joy trumps all that comes before.
Solace found in one I embrace,
a life well spent in revelry.

You’ll never hear these words,
this matters not special one.
I’ve embraced the joy of the dance,
my compadre of life lived large,
that’s all that matters to me,
dance my partner in life.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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