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The Romantic Life

A friend commented on the pain of believing in romance, leading the romantic life, in the millennial generation. I took note of this. My poetic efforts tend toward either the romantic or the morose. Often the two fight against each other for my attention. I examined the meanings of the romantic life and found it means different things to different people. For some romance ends with a lifetime spent with a soul mate. Others embrace romance as a nostalgic journey to times past. I’m in the camp of seeing romance as the passion and sensual side of life. I don’t share the cynicism of the non-romantics. I see every encounter as a celebration of life. Due measure is given to those things meant to last, and the rest are respected for the inherent magic.

The Romantic Life
Poem for Day 198 – 20150717

I'm all in for the romantic life,
I don't know of any other way.
Such a simple statement to be made,
so please allow me to explain.
My soul is buoyed by the romantic life,
to see beauty in life's wide breadth.
I'll find hope in the little things,
bulwark against life's sharp barbs.

Some say romantic ideas are fanciful,
impractical in this age of hard love.
Unrealistic is another harsh phrase
the cynics choose to banter around.
I'll differ with these unkind words,
and instead look to life affirmed.
Romance offers the path to love,
redemption of the human kind.

The two may not be the same,
love and romance can be separate,
but on the most fortunate days
they will mirror each other.
Love is raised in appreciation,
extended in passion to life's embrace.
Widespread affection is my path
to romance's arms where I'll dwell.

To court with life will be my end.
Loving beauty in romantic ways,
seeking solace in the darkest days,
I'll hope to find you in that place.
We'll dance to romance's tune,
held close in shared rejoicing.
Connection found in harmony,
romance defined by you and me.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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