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So I was driving to work this morning. I listened to a bit of NPR before I popped in my current book-on-tape for my forty minute commute. Evil snickers and cackles ensued. The segment was about the upcoming debate on non-binding House measure regarding the Iraqi war. The Republicans had the balls to say that they were "excluded from the debate". OMG. Political karma at it's best.

Just now I found the following snippet while poking around
Each of the House's 435 members and five delegates will be allotted five minutes to speak on the issue. Democratic leaders said Monday they planned to restrict members to a single vote by week's end, barring any amendments or a GOP alternative — a tack Republican leaders decried as unfair.

"After promising to make this Congress the most open and honest in history, (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi has effectively shut out both Republicans and Democrats from substantively debating the most important issue of our time," said Rep. John Shadegg, R-Ariz.
Rich... I am so glad I'm not listening to political news nowadays... my funny bone couldn't take the stress.
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