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Poem - Game Over

An incredibly dear friend wrote of the big surprise of life. You struggle and strive, level up, gain abilities, encounter others, and then it's Game Over. This isn't the end-all game over. It is instead the “seen that, done that” game over. The words “Game Over” struck a cord with me. My game felt like it was over a long time ago. My friend is facing that moment now. Life continues for me. The poem “Game Over” attempts to describe the journey and how I survive now.

Game Over
Poem for Day 199 – 20150718

Life's present open and put aside.
One more to put on the others.
Accomplishments witnessed,
treasures gathered from afar,
friends found in shared company,
with echoes in this lonely place.

Distraction has become the new norm,
more of the same different from before.
What I have is not enough for me,
if only I had something more.
Epiphany of life embraced comes,
one more attempt to grasp the ring.

I've opened the door to find the sign,
Game Over exclaimed in hot pink.
There is one last choice left to make,
yes and no are the options present.
If I start to scream I'd never stop
when “Restart?” is the only path.

Now old enough to see the world,
young enough to discover the new.
Distractions embraced in passing
for the points of joy they manifest.
Stay within the lines now ignored
when life's punchline has been revealed.

Ignore the Game Over signpost.
Reboot your world instead of restart.
Life's too short for retreading
the old ways done once again.
Reinvent and restate objectives
as the game is rebooted everyday.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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