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Poem - Meant to Change

I had two lessons about change recently. One was direct, in my face. The other was indirect, courtesy of a friend's life. The moral of the story seems to be that change happens. Change comes when we need it. It should not be grossly deferred in consideration of other's feelings or desires to hold a status quo. This realization on my part explains why I've struggled in the past, and how I can be more comfortable with the whole of the world.

Meant to Change
Poem for Day 200 – 20150719

The more things seem to be the same,
the more they are apt to change.
Draw the line in life's beach of sand,
watch the tide as it rushes in.
I could hold the scenes in my mind,
insist they are a firm reality.
I would find a losing battle there
as time confirms my fervent fears.

Epiphany comes from sympathy,
realization of the person you're meant to be.
Sameness disguises both our paths,
separate even though they were shared.
Is there a conspiracy here?
Life doesn't work that way you see.
The struggle is a lonely thing,
each person finding their own way.

Eggs put in the proverbial basket,
emotions staked against constancy,
life shifts as the world rearranges,
changes when it should be the same.
I'll turn my mind from these thoughts,
focus on what's good for both of us.
The more things seem to be the same,
the more things are meant to change.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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