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Year of Poetry Status Update

200 days of poetry so far in 2015. 300 days of poetry if you include the 100 days I did in 2014! 165 more days to go in 2015!

I really appreciate those who have read along during the journey. Some of the poems have been happy, some not so much. Many have been very personal and a bit raw. Everyone has been very kind as I've shared myself. I really really appreciate the cooperation I've received from those who were “subjects” of my poems. Your involvement in my life has mattered, and to this end I've shared you with others.

I want to share some thoughts about the journey.

  • The two prevalent themes present in my poetic portfolio are death and dancing. These fight for the upper hand in my life.
  • After the first 100 days I stopped using a rhyming dictionary. I mostly used Rhyme Zone ( I now use alliteration as much as I use rhyming. The former can be more subtle than rhyming while being as powerful.
  • I've focused on lyrical lines, meaning they have eight or ten syllables. Mostly eight. Now my mind delivers eight syllable lines of poetry on cue without effort.
  • Most poems took 15 to 30 minutes to write.
  • I enjoy telling stories with my poems. They typically have a beginning (introduction), middle, and end. The end references back to the beginning, pulling together the effort.
  • I usually don't know the title of a poem until I'm finished.
  • I really like to write lyrics. Most of my poems are a refrain away from being songs. A few turn into songs. I would like to know more about the music side of things.
  • I hope (plan) to turn the best into a book or two. There will be enough for several theme based compilations.
  • All my poems may be easily viewed on my tumblr page: .


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