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Lyrics - Angel Gone

A Tumblr pictorial commented that Amy Winehouse was the angel that the devil took. The poem “Angel Gone” is a lyrical expression of her life.

Angel Gone
Poem for Day 202 – 20150721

The devil killed my angel's song,
temporal voice most divine.
Too tempting a soul she became,
he sought to bring her down to hell.
Muse's spark flared in my small world,
filling me with her consciousness.
Now my world has gone to black,
my angel lost to devil's ways.

Who could have stood to hold her back?
She embraced the world, spikes and all.
Where were the guardians of the gate?
No barriers as she rushed out.
She was free enough to fly,
but lacked wings to stay afloat.
Gravity found to pull her down,
flight cut short before she soared.

Devil devil,
your due given
and we are lost.
Devil devil
my angel gone
and I must cry.

He cloaked around her loneliness.
Her world was shrunk to the stage.
A pedestal too tall to climb,
Her world became a cage to hide.
Devil's remedies of drink and drug,
freely had with no base restraints.
The cure is worst than pain's cause,
short balm for her troubled mind.

She was beyond his balance due,
a devil's greed has no excuse.
She flew high with too much weight,
the world's desires to contemplate.
God granted her a soul to shine,
a world asked how more was shared.
No way out but down was the reply,
why did she hear that devil's lies?

Devil devil,
your due given
and we have lost.
Devil devil
my angel gone
and I still cry.
Devil devil
my angel gone
gone gone gone.
my angel gone
and I still cry.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: amy winehouse, angel, lyrics

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