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Lyrics - Dubstep Smile

What is Dubstep??? It is “a form of dance music, typically instrumental, characterized by a sparse, syncopated rhythm and a strong bassline.” Think “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. It is also one of the coolest types of music to techno-contra too!

Dubstep Smile
Poem for Day 203 – 20150722

The year is two thousand and fifteen,
it's time to feel that dubstep smile.

Here's to the way we feel alive.
To the time we jump on the floor.
DJ laid down that 2-step beat.
Sublow the bass into our bones,
awake the beast that slumbers below,
shake us loose from this sleeping dream.

The music plays as bodies shake.
That is the day we throw it down,
moving to the bass that never ends.
Sway our sexy hips back and forth,
raise the happy hands high in the air,
dubstep all night, come back for more.

We've found our place in dubstep sound,
bodies move in sync to the DJ's tracks,
becoming one with our desires.
At the club, in the hall, just dance.
Contra, swing, whatever grinds own groove,
the one that makes us feel alive.

Let the bass kick, pop it real hard,
it's time we feel that dubstep smile.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, dubstep, lyrics, smile

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