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Poem - Bravery

Caitlyn Jenner won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPN’s ESPY award show. You'd think this would be great, but a Twitter hate storm blew up. Many people said that Caitlyn knew nothing about bravery. I think not.

Poem for Day 204 – 20150723

There is reason
to fear.
You face
bloodied knives
from two thousand
or more years
of others truth
and fears.

give in.
You have a
right to be.
Stay strong
in the face
of cruelty.

It's not
just about
It's about

Put aside
the accepted mask.
Wear the clothes
you own inside.
Put aside tradition,
pick up yourself.

Face the world
as yourself.
is a

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: bravery, lifestyle, poem

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