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Poem - Flowers

Flowers are incredibly fragile, temporary things of beauty that celebrate both the glad and the sad. Because of this they are a fitting title for a poem about loss, and how loss is memorialized, even though there is no fitting acknowledgment of true loss.

Poem for Day 206 – 20150725

That was the day I almost died.
Some say I survived the accident.
You and I know different though,
you in heaven and I'm still here.

Flowers are the memorial,
blessed flagrant acknowledgment,
statement of a life now transformed
on the day that I almost died.

The days go by, separated
from before by that fateful time.
The hours mark the absent of
the one that filled my mortal world.

The living one stands by your side,
against cold marble edifice.
Carved numbers state your time here,
six feet of earth between you and me.

Flowers are not enough my dear,
left at your stone memorial,
here to remember the one gone
on the day that I almost died.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: death, memorial, poem

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