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Poem - I Survived Sharknado

There are movies produced for high drama. They have very high production values, destining them for cinema greatness. Then, there are movies like Sharknado III.

I Survived Sharknado
Poem for Day 207 – 20150726

I survived Sharknado,
the TV movie not the weather.
I survived Sharknado,
I'll tell the story to you.
My IQ has dived a dozen points,
my love of physics was skewed.
I'm a shell of my former self,
but I'm a survivor too.
Senior Shepard stood on the moon,
sharks crashed the space shuttle.
The White House was totaled
by a local shark torn monument.
There was nearly a sharkacane,
but our hero saved the day.
The space laser destroyed the beasts,
and in serial movie they will return.
I survived Sharknado,
an hour and a half went by,
I survived Sharknado,
with number four yet to come!

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: humor, poem

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