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Poem - Fast Forward

The poem “Fast Forward” draws on Greek and Roman mythology. The stone mentioned was swallowed by the Greek god Cronus when he thought he was swallowing his offspring. The stone, named omphalos, was supposed to mark the places of power. Now it is a symbol of the misguided belief that a place of geopolitical power and currency is the most important place in the world. The combination of these produces a poem speaking to the price paid for wrongly living life on the edge of time.

Fast Forward
Poem for Day 209 – 20150728

Fast forward on the edge of time,
no rearview mirror to distract.
Only the now matters to you,
just beware of the bill come due.
Grasp the brass ring with both hands,
win the free ride to try again.
Do so at the risk of losing
the immortal thing called the soul.

Saturn is a friend to few,
by his laws he cruelly rules.
Measure taken for indulgence granted,
in the end he'll judge all men.
Wealth and power he offers,
life to be reaped for that sowed.
Try as you may to outrun his hand,
the river must be crossed one day.

Paranoid of time's prophecy,
you eat your young like Cronus of lore,
consuming your future for the sake
of power's penetrating lure.
Best be warned that fate will fight,
serving up power's false marker.
You'll swallow the cold stone instead,
the weight of the world will be yours.

Time to cross the River Styx,
the sickle will have its due.
An easy task if it were not for
the rings and stones collected.
The world reduced to a watery tomb,
separated from bliss for eternity.
Salvation lost for the world gained.
Fast forward at the edge of time.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: death, poem, time

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