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Poem - Summer Setting

The social dance communities have people coming and going. Summer is coming to an end for students, and these fine people will be either coming or going from our lives. The poem “Summer Setting” is a celebration of this time.

Summer Setting
Poem for Day 210 – 20150729

Summer is now setting,
the time to travel ending.
Changes are in the air,
with friends on the go.
Some will be returning,
others will be parting.
Summer is now setting,
change is in the air.

Friends travelled abroad,
both near and very far.
Some went across the ocean,
others went way out west.
They were most sorely missed,
these partners were the best.
They'll be back soon
and heck we'll dance again!

Friends stayed for a time,
sunny days spent in our town.
Some were visiting too briefly,
others here before moving on.
Their company shined on our lives,
moving us to wish there was more.
Sadly they must move on,
and someday we'll dance again.

Summer is now setting,
the days will grow short.
The wheel turns once again,
our journeys come and go.
Change is the traveling companion
of those with a place to go.
No matter where they are,
they are friends in my heart.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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