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Poem - Side of Right

Extremism, be it on the far left (maxism) or far right (fascism), is never a good thing for the whole of society. The underlying evil of extremism is the belief that all can be made better with the introduction of right thought, backed up by a proper application of condoned force. Everything becomes a nail when the hammer is the blessed and correct tool. The poem “Side of Right” pays homage to Orwell's book “1984” as the stanzas describe the hallmarks of right truth and right justice.

Side of Right
Poem for Day 211 – 20150730

You began as the individual,
but now you serve a greater cause.
Identity merged to the party line,
personal truth subsumed by society.
Step up and don our chosen garb,
words with set meanings preordained.
Roles fixed against contrived history,
future determined by stated past.

Welcome to the hyperbole,
your role is not stained by factuality.
Perceived identity becomes the litmus,
testimony of prescribed motivations.
Your role has been predetermined,
cast against an imagined whole.
Our story has been set in stone,
mountains high only we can see.

Ministry of Truth will show your lies,
your blood shed will bring us new life.
Beware the freedom shared by most,
it only brings slavery to the rest of us.
When all is right there will be no wrong,
the truth evident in the prescriptive words.
Contrary ills will be expunged,
a single thought will have all meaning.

The narrative becomes all important,
the script by which life is played.
It is the lens by which all is seen,
your thoughtcrime made extinct.
Two plus two equals five,
the logic of our position demands.
External reality is ours to define,
the factual bent to the side of right.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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