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Lyrics - Myself

The cover of the Rhianna album “Unapologetic” inspired me to write the lyrics “Myself”. The outgoing wordsmith, be their works poetry, songs, or stories, will reveal much of themselves. There may never be a semi-nude picture of them, but their words can be more revealing than lurid images.

Bonus Poem for Day 215 – 20150803

I uncover myself with my words,
myself shared for all to see.
The good, bad, and ugly on display,
it’s part of an artist being.
Don’t think me to be the strange one,
unusual from the other ones.
Putting it out there is the norm,
something an artist is meant to do.

Sex, celebration
pain, orientation
lust, intoxication
angst, aggravation.

It’s found in the mix called life,
something you and I are part of.
Allow me to express my small slice,
raw dish served with my soliloquy.
If you see yourself in my words,
know that it is shared condition.
We’ll not get out of life alive,
a terminal state we endure.

Dance, contribution
loss, litigation
love, tribulation
death, destination.

I don’t mean to shock the world,
my words aren’t meant to stir the pot.
In this world there are matching souls,
the ones that feel the same as me.
Some may say it’s spiritual,
blessed be the consistency.
I want to pull the curtain back,
learn that much more about myself.

Sex, pain, lust, angst
dance, loss, love, death.
I uncover myself with my lyrics,
myself shared for all to see.
myself shared for all to see.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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