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All That's Left

The poem “All That's Left” is a composite reflection of the very special people I've known. They lived outside the conventions of life. They reminded me that there was more than convention. They gave me insight into how to fully exist even as the world tore them down.

All That's Left
Poem for Day 216 – 20150804

I love you for your gray,
for the way you see in between.
The black and white blinded most.
They thought within their box,
walls high that killed the spirit.
You've shown me there is more,
infinite notes to the cosmic sound
that so few are meant to hear.

I love you for your angst,
for the way you break from us.
Soul tortured but not broken,
smitten by the world revealed,
poisoned by the snake within.
You've shown me how to cry,
how to cleanse the wound,
flooded by the bitter tears.

I love you for your hate,
for the way you fight the world.
Fists against walls of stone,
heart flung at barb wire strands,
you struggled when nobody would.
You've shown me how to strike,
to make my mark against all odds
when pain is passion's fuel.

I love you for your self,
for the way you seek sacrifice.
Wear the vest and pull the cord,
cordite will speak your mind
when the smoke is cleared.
You've shown me the exit,
your life fulfilled on the way out,
clarion call to those still left.

I love you for these reasons,
nothing more and nothing less.
You were too much for this world,
it and you could not same survive,
and now my love is all that's left.
You showed me yourself,
every aspect both good and bad,
and now my love is all that's left.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: darkness, love, poem

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