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Poem - Cloudy Days

A combination of the Placebo internet radio station, along with a vague idea about really knowing the depressed person, resulted in the poem “Cloudy Days”. Warning, this is more than a little dark.

Cloudy Days
Poem for Day 217 – 20150805

I welcome the cloudy weather,
grayness to mask the black inside.
The rain will provide cover
to the tears that drown my soul.
This isn't Disney World,
no place to take the little kids.
You'll visit and stand back in awe,
wonder if the sun will shine again.

You say you don't understand this,
can you when I am confused too?
To live another day is my trial,
Bataan March of the weary soul.
To smile at the world hurts my mouth,
have I shown you what you want to see?
Welcome to my mind's big top show,
bring on the clowns with bloody grins.

Some may say I'm brave to share these things,
I must now humbly disagree.
A coward's life is never pretty
even when dressed in thoughtful prose.
Word finery does not forgive,
any more than a purse comes from pig's ear.
I'll leave you with my apologies,
then retreat to my cloudy days.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: depression, impression, poem

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