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Lyrics - I Would

The lyrics “I Would” are a rhythmic departure for me. The stanzas vary in their pacing, lending them to a song that changes tempo as it progresses. Neat stuff. The topic is one I indulge in weekly: the escape for a time into the arms of my dance partners, guided by timeless tunes.

I Would
Poem for Day 218 – 20150806

I'd be a happier man,
if only life could be a dance
My partners would be so varied,
each with a similarity.
Love of life is sole manifest
as we move with joined step.
Each partner just as magical
as my life dares to dream to be.

I'd move with no fear,
joined with my companions in glee.
To find another,
sharing the moment of opportunity.
Trick another star
into falling from the sky far above.
Lay it at my feet
for another dance free from misgiving.

I'd have the music carry us,
dance as momentary remedy.
The pains of body and mind pass,
swept away by the note's swells.
To move and be is all there is,
cast upon dreams of angel's wings.
The world will return in due time,
but only after this interlude.

I'd love you my dear,
buoyed by this aphrodisiac.
Is it true for you,
does this tune move in your heart the same?
We must both relent,
thank Pan for this glimpse of eternal spring.
The sap may yet rise,
with music's muses guiding the shared way

I'd never think to run away,
another song will cast its lure.
Catch me up in the harmony,
grasp me and hold me lovingly.
Pull me back to the floor with you,
back in the arms of my dance partner.
We'll share a time in the music,
where I'd find my true happiness.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, lyrics

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