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Poem - Fight the World

Sexual orientation identity can be a divisive element in a person's life. Embedded in who they are, their relationship imperatives fight powerful elements of society. A person with an identity not supported by their societal group will find themselves in conflict with that group. The place of support becomes a battlefield. Faith meant to nurture becomes a weapon. This can be difficult for the strongest people. Typically the target of societal judgment must leave their original world, and sadly this may manifest in their taking their life when no other way is found.

Fight the World
Poem for Day 220 – 20150808

Did I wake up to fight the world?
Fresh with dreams of contrary things,
urges that scare my fellow man,
please why should this define who I am?
You say I made a decision,
led by an agent immoral.
You say he whispered in my ear,
tempting me to fight the world.

If only I could live my life,
love the ones I find most dear.
Follow the embedded imperative
that guides me into their arms.
Instead I hide in closet deep,
marooned on island foreign,
holding to the strictures you impose
based on your slice of the world.

I tell you now self chosen foes,
I have no desire to be your mark.
I only want to lead my life
free from your impassioned ways.
You strike out at a large target
and I find myself in your sights.
Dogma and power pull your leash
leading the attack to my throat.

The day of reckoning will come,
I will take matters into my hands.
To throw off the chains or take my life,
either way I will finally escape.
I will become your darkest enemy,
or become a newspaper column.
Is this what you want for me to do
in your vision of love for the world?

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, poetry, sexual orientation, suicide

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