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Poem - Words

Partners dancing can be a bridge between social separations. It is magical, a wonderful way to connect.

Bonus Poem for Day 221 – 20150809

If only I had the words,
thoughts share with you my friend,
if only I had small talk,
something to say while I spend time with you.

Something to cross the barrier,
the chasm between you and me,
the space of unknown commonalities
that separates me from you.

If we could share a dance this would be a start,
the music and movement a counselor,
holding space for us for a spell
as the song unwinds in its time.

To each have stepped the same way,
to musical experience shared,
and swayed in sync to the notes
now we have something to say.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, poem, words

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