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Poem - Love to Kiss

Kissing is delightful, enough to inspire me to write a poem about the same.

Love to Kiss
Poem for Day 223 – 20150811

I'd love to kiss you on the mouth,
but first we'll warm up to that!
Dance and strut will be our thing,
feeling comfy while we're real close.
We'll snuzzle a snuggle,
a delight in between,
before we begin to smooch,
you with the lips I adore.

Kissing is where it's at,
smooching to pass the time.
Lip locked would be a thing
with somebody I'd love to treat.
Start with the mouth and move to the neck,
or perhaps the other way around,
either is quite just a nice
when lips are roaming around.

Kissing is where it's at,
you do it well and so do I.
We'll do much more than a peck
as we indulge in a smack.
That may be all we do,
but it's a great way to spend the time.
You and me mouth to mouth,
feeling comfy when we're really close.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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