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Poem - Katy Perry Mood

Pop Diva and inspiration to all with a young heart, Katy Perry is once again my muse.

Katy Perry Mood
Bonus Poem for Day 224 – 20150812

Some days I'm in a Katy Perry mood,
pop diva with a happy groove.
I turn the dial on Pandora
and listen to the songs This Moment.
I'm not the typical fan,
California Gurls young to life.
I'm not living the Teenage Dream,
though I strive to young of heart.

Waking Up in Vegas may be my thing,
Katy makes me One of the Boys.
Each song is Not Like the Movies,
but By the Grace of God they'll lead.
I'm inspired to live my life,
Wide Awake to all that comes.
Unconditionally accepting the love
while I flash my International Smile.

I'll be one of Your Legendary Lovers,
and then hope you Love Me back.
You'll become Part of Me,
or be The One that Got Away.
I'll indulge in the naughtiness,
admit that I Kissed a Girl,
invite the E.T. over for my Birthday,
all in the span of Last Friday Night.

I'll hold my chin up high
while life seems to Circle the Drain.
The haters say Ur So Gay,
feeling Hot and Cold with a Hummingbird Heartbeat.
I'll stride out hard and strong,
ride over them like a Dark Horse.
Roar my voice out to the world,
Wide Awake to what may come.

Some days I'm in a Katy Perry mood,
but you ask Who am I Living For?
Double Rainbow way up in the sky,
This is How We Do life If You Can Afford me.
Explode the Firework display in the sky,
at the Tommie Sunshine's Megasix Smash-Up.
Katy I'll be Thinking of You
while I'm Walking on Air.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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