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Poem - More Than Sheep

The artist is sometimes feared for the influence they have on convention. The poem “More Than Sheep” is about the transformation waiting for those who indulge in the artist’s work.

More than Sheep
Poem for Day 225 – 20150813

I arrive dressed only in black,
the danger in amongst the sheep,
seen by all but not recognized.
Horse of a different color,
something like them but not at all,
raise the alarm, here is the beast.

How thoughtless of me to advertise
the difference of in betweens,
unwelcome view of what could be.
Alert the shepherds and close the gate,
ring the bell so all may beware,
too late them, the change has come.

Infect the innocent with my touch,
spreading dissension with my words,
the sheep once prey are now much more.
Soon we will all be the same kind,
crossed over to the other side,
more than sheep in this new form.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, sheep

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