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Poem - Small in Stature

The poem "Small in Stature" MAY be about a personal friend who is destined to travel the world. I'll take poetic license to neither confirm nor deny this fact.

Small in Stature
Poem for Day 227 – 20150815

Small in stature but big at heart,
cute as a button and twice as nice.
Sexy body that can dance,
you're a package I'd unwrap.
An angel's face with devil's heart.
Perhaps I do exaggerate,
let's say imp instead the latter,
giving credit to your cherub play.

Grab onto life by the cojones,
you're on your way to far horizon.
Don't stand still when road beckons,
you'll find your dreams if you dare.
I'd miss you if you weren't here,
there's no denying this base truth.
Go if you must my lovely friend
and come back to visit when you can.

I'll dance to you in memory
when you're somewhere too far away.
Where ever you are you'll be the best
in a world you'll dominate.
Small in stature but big at heart,
you'll do well in your long life.
Sexy body that can dance,
show the world how you strut your stuff.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dedication, friend, poem

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