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Poem - Fawn of My Heart

The poem “Fawn of My Heart’ is an allegory about aging. I know where I took my inspiration! Read what you will into the words.

Fawn of My Heart
Poem for Day 230 – 20150818

Evergreen branches contrast paled grass,
the season has pressed into this night.
Mabon has passed this journey way
bequeathing all their due harvest.
Twilight hangs on the mountain pass.
Vision muted in moon's dim light.
Enter the fawn questing a far,
steps on the path not seen before.

Witness the trees majestically tall,
product of many a year on the earth.
A dusting of white softly conceals
boughs of green needles over the path.
Winter's first flakes speckle the ground,
season's trademark of fresh powder.
Producing a glow in moon's weak beams,
the path beckons the fawn ever on.

Many have quested here before,
walked the way through high gorge.
They have passed in their journey,
and now the way is clear again.
The pressing wind carries the chill,
warmth of the past an echo in time.
Kindle the coals to find the heat
whispers the night breeze to the fawn.

The valley waits below on twisted trail,
a journey not meant for the faint of heart.
It would be better by fay’s sunlight,
but now there is only fane's twilight.
Look to the dark of the safe trail
bordered by frosted boughs overhead.
You'll find your way to my side,
fawn of my heart here to reside.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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