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Aug. 19th, 2015 @ 07:51 am Poem - Pardon Me
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The poem “Pardon Me” is a recital of my thoughts on the selfish nature of mankind. People can be insufferable or they can be wonderful human. The choice is up to you, though the latter does require a dose of humility on your own part. Big disclaimer, I am not speaking of the people who are cray cray or just plain evil towards you. I instead speak of the larger humanity.

Pardon Me
Poem for Day 231 – 20150819

Pardon me if I assume the worst,
that human nature will take its course.
Motivations will rule the day
as selfish interests do hold sway.
Don't assume I am the cynic,
my attitude is quite healthy.
I hold nobody in lower regard,
see that I judgment myself in same way.

With perfect love and perfect trust
the human being does excel.
Trust the snake to hold to its kind
and you'll know the outcome before its time.
Just know that self interest ends
at the edge of reward and punishment.
Life is grand when motivations are the same,
must less so when our lives conflict.

Do not assume others are malcontent,
no more than yourself may be.
You're just meeting the edge of life,
the place of conflicted priorities.
Beware calling the kettle black
when you are the pot of same shade.
Perhaps you consider them quite evil
because they are a mirror to your misdeeds.

In the end we all strive for contentment
while we ignore the rest of life.
The knives are drawn in ignorance,
stupidity or a lifetime of habit.
You'll ask why I seem so happy,
I'll respond that I know people.
Pardon me if I assume the worst,
that human nature will take its course.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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