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Poem - Blame Target

First Target removed gender specific signage from children's products in its stores. Then Facebook user Mike Melgaard came to Target's defense posing as as a Target customer service rep ( The haters showed up in droves and Mike laid on the comically sarcastic replies for sixteen hours. Many enjoyed the humor. I thought it was sad (and funny). The poem “Blame Target” celebrates the sentiment that Mike faced in his posed role.

Blame Target
Poem for Day 232 – 20150820

What should I buy my child,
be they a girl or a boy?
Will I choose correctly
when all signs are removed?
These are the words I see
when I read the social feeds.
There is another sentiment
buried beneath this puzzlement.

The slope is steep and the devil lurks
on PC wings of gender benders.
First the toys and then the clothes,
first the bikes and then the johns,
first the beds and then the joining
of confused adults in matrimony
to the same gender, plushies, or furries,
it will be all the same to them!

So man the barricades of outrage,
built with dogmatic fears.
Defend the sacred traditions
assaulted by the rest of the world.
Your girl is now a boy,
your boy is now a girl,
all will be transgender in the world
and Target will be the one to blame.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: humor, poem, target

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