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Special People

This is a blog entry about "special" people in general and the indigo child phenomenon specifically. I am posting this because I am struggling with the why and how of being special. I know there are places of relative appropriateness and timing. In a way, the indigos are a poster-child of the specialness movement. Personally I don't have issues with larger groups of being special. Group-thought has a different dynamic from individual-thought. My struggle is with the discernment between the individual's ego and soul expressing their specialness. Anyway, the following entry outlines my general thoughts on the topic. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

Last year I turned 41 this year on the Summer Solstice. I do this every year as my birthday is on June 20th. A friend of mine remarked, "oh, you must be a person with qualities of X (I can't remember what those qualities were) because of the time of year you were born." Maybe so. I am smart enough, intuitive/psychic/healer, good with concepts but bad with memorizing names, and desiring not to be in this word. In the meantime I hold down an Engineering job while having a pretty good time with it.

I'm obviously not an indigo child given my age. Let’s suppose I am "special" because of my birthday. I can probably find a book that explains why its so. But how special am I? We are all special in some way. We have talents, hang-ups, abilities and liabilities. Each generation has their own challenges. It’s nice to put a word on these. It’s nice to have a story to explain it. It’s even nicer to have the story be one in which you’re the hero. (IMO!) The indigo phenomenon, as a whole, smacks of the adults wrapping a story around the children. The story explains how the information age has impacted the children. The story also sets them up as heroes as it explains why their generational liabilities are actually the hallmark of greater things.

What liabilities? Children face new challenges with a instantaneous information and entertainment. Everything is knowable and seeable. Video games create the ability to completely immerse into virtual environments. It’s little wonder that boredom and disconnection with the natural or real world has been the result. Angst results. Guess what… angst and wonderment with why we’re here is a fact of every generation. I believe that the current generation merely has it in spades because of the information age.

In closing I also want to mention that I am disturbed when I think of the shadow outcomes of the indigo movement. Parents are being told that their children are saviors of the world. Their children stand outside the world and are here to save the rest of us. The hubris of this is amazing. It is one thing to believe in aliens plans, planetary vibrations, earth changes, genetic programming, doomsday clocks, and so on. I embrace some of these myself. It is another thing to pre-load out children with the responsibility of fulfilling a prophecy or living a life of separation from the world they are equally responsible for. The sweeping generalizations of the indigo movement strike me as being dogmatic as the sweeping generalizations and expectations of astrology, organized religion or politics. It’s one thing for adults to play games with each other. It’s another thing to put our children in the cross-hairs.

I hope I am making sense. My kindest regards and highest hopes to those who are truly indigo. There is a truth there. We do need the help.
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