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Poem - Girl Who Traveled Dreams

I am planning a short poetry book named “Girl Who Traveled Dreams”. I wrote the following poem as the introduction to book. It is brief, heart felt, and speaks to the other poems.

Girl Who Traveled Dreams
Bonus Poem for Day 234 – 20150822

She traveled through dreams
on the rainbow streams.
Cast the colored spell,
stepped into sleep,
intent on the journey
to the other side.

Heartfelt spell was cast
on my younger self.
Magic's child of grace,
first love of my life,
walked in my world
now in memories.

Twenty years have gone
and still the way is clear.
Walk my trance at night,
touch my poems by day,
you visit as a ghost,
girl who traveled dreams.

I'll lay my head down
after I cast these words.
Sleep a special dream
awake in this world.
To dream of her return
from the other side.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dream, friend, poem

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