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Poem - Singing Chantilly Lace

There are so many moments in life. Most are lost to the current of time. Others stand out with clarity after many years.

Singing Chantilly Lace
Bonus Poem for Day 235 – 20150823

The song was about Chantilly Lace.
She had the pretty face, ponytail hangin' down,
did a wiggle there while waiting for tea.

Across in the diner so long ago,
across from somebody so full of life,
improv show to the jukebox sounds,
Jerry Lee Lewis would have been so proud.

The pantomimes were the stuff of giggles,
flop the ponytail, circle the big old eyes,
made my young world go round and round.

The second stanza was even better,
in the groove with the mimicry.
Your joy was mine to experience,
singing to Big Bopper's tune.

The song was about Chantilly Lace,
a date between a guy and a pretty dame.
He was dollar short and a ride too late.

I also didn't have much money,
but I had your fair company.
I'd act funny cause that's how I was
when you sang Chantilly Lace.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, romance

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