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Poem - Lyricist's Wish

I listened to music by Brett Anderson. His piano work almost brought me to tears. The stream of musical consciousness begs for written accompaniment, if words could ever match the beauty. The poem “Lyricist's Wish” is the outcome of my thoughts on the combination of music and words.

Lyricist's Wish
Poem for Day 236 – 20150823

To hear the notes, to write the words,
passion to share feelings with you.
Stirred by the stream of melody,
composition by fellow man.
Pale echo of music expressed
in ink spilled two dimensional
against the whole breadth
of an artist's musical work.

Is my effort sufficient?
Will it stir your heart and soul?
Mutterings of a lesser man,
the sideshow to the feature act.
To try will be my sole refrain,
while words are not enough,
they will speak my soul's inner self,
a thing worthy to meet music's grasp.

Fervent wish from the lyricist,
fondest results of their craft,
that the words may combined
with a song of matched melody.
In the end the words will soar,
held up by wings of music's tones.
Creation joined in blessed rapture,
to touch the heart and sing the soul.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: lyricist, lyrics, music, poem

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