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Poem - True Believers

A quite decent social media friend shared a blogged commentary. In that commentary the author (also at heart a decent and caring person) subtly equated an opposing group as equals to the SS guards of past Nazis concentration camps. The actions of the opposing group are legal, happening today, but the foundational purpose of the group emotionally reminded the commentator of one of the worse crimes against humanity in modern times. Why? The poem “True Believers” considers the role of emotion in portraying societal conflicts. While this poem was influenced by the aforementioned event, I’ve see emotion driven narratives spouted from every end of the political / moral / societal justice battlefields.

True Believers
Poem for Day 239 – 20150827

Pardon me if I do compare you
to societal criminals,
Nazi butchers of World War II.
Forgive me if I illustrate
you drowned in innocent blood
of a thousand thousand victims.

There are three sides to an issue,
but in my emotions I see only one,
with you at the end of my diatribe.
I acknowledge the facts are thin,
my emotion speaks for my mind,
raging righteous as I proclaim.

Perhaps what you do is legal,
done so with a cleared conscious,
but this does not quench my passion’s fires.
Yes, you are more of a human
and less of the monster than I reveal,
but this does not matter in my narrative.

My brethren can be as unkind,
shed drop for drop actual blood
in pursuit of our blessed goal.
My rhetoric will still portray
your causing bloody oceans of tragedy
while we are anointed by the same.

I'll end this with a final note,
that you are the monster I contrive,
your sins too numerous to account.
My emotions tell me this bitter truth,
ten percent fact and ninety of rage,
this is enough for the true believers.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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