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Poem - How to Build a Monster

The poem “How to Build a Monster” is a look at the roles that “monsters” play in our political / social lives. There are real monsters in the world. These are far outnumbered by the straw monsters embraced by the right and left.

How to Build a Monster
Poem for Day 239 – 20150828

How do you build a monster?
how do you create a freak?
The recipe is simplicity,
the benefits will delight you!
Don't fear your creation,
a secret friend in times of need.
Cuddly buddy for the knowing,
part of their life strategy.

There are so many kinds,
some more useful than the others.
I'll tell you about them all
so you can pick your poison.
Self made or political,
projection or imperial,
the monsters serve a purpose all,
to act when we feel we cannot.

Distill your fears into a beaker,
add a dash of urban legend.
Put aside the cold facts close at hand,
they'll only cloud this concoction.
Spin the story around on its head,
cook the numbers cause stats don't lie.
Write the talking points for the day,
there is a creature to portray!

Rally the villagers for defense,
the monster is their clarion call.
Heartfelt support against common foe
fabricated for the attack at hand.
Keep the believers in their place
with walls of fear too high to climb.
Monsters lurk out in the woods,
ready to take their heart and soul.

Hire a media consultant,
the most evil you can find.
Your money is quite green
so beliefs need not be the same.
They'll build the monster's tale
as quick as you say swift.
I mean the boat affair you see,
travesty of political one-upmanship.

Put a thousand faces on the man,
the totem for our enemies ills.
Assume the worst at every step,
this is all part of the narrative.
The monster is everywhere you look,
no single person may be observed.
This is quite handy you will see,
the fog of war is ours to seize.

How do you build a monster,
the one that serves its masters?
Pull the levers behind the curtain,
just like the All Powerful Oz.
A final warning I will impart,
sometimes the monsters do depart
from the script you will write
and this may be the end of us.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: monster, poem, power

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