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Poem - Life of Memories

So I'm watching the Travel Channel and seeing some really well produced commercials. They present a life that is colorful and glamorous. I'm also going through swing dance photos and seeing the glamor and sexiness of the dance moments. I was there, it was mundane life, and it was almost as pretty. These thoughts prompted me to write the poem “Life of Memories”.

Life of Memories
Poem for Day 241 – 20150830

To make a life of memories,
in technicolor with all the perks.
More exotic than the norm,
we'll make our mark upon the world.
View the colors so bright to eye,
splashed across the panorama.
Nothing's changed in our lives,
except for the love of it all.

Production values of the Travel Channel,
excitement of a Sci-Fy show,
we'll make an evening cinematic
in 3D with surround sound.
Living life to that pop song track,
the one I heard on the radio.
Now it is my life's mantra.
I hope I don't owe royalties!

Exciting people, cast of thousands,
extras in life's big drama.
They'll welcome us with open arms,
natives of the promised land.
Exotic locations, some far away,
most closer to our backyard.
open our eyes and see the views,
landscapes reborn once again

How is this done you may ask,
the answer is simple you will hear.
Seeing the world in celebration
will bring out the magic in the moment.
To make a life of memories,
brighter than we could conceive,
you'd need not be on T.V.,
instead live life with full belief.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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