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Poem - Spend the Time

A friend asked about reaching out to others. Their focus was in the area of rescuing others from painful situations. This can be a very loving action. It can be something else also. The poem “Spend the Time” is a side-by-side look at the two sides of this coin.


Spend the Time

Bonus Poem for Day 247 – 20150905


Selfish Ego

Loving Heart

Spend the time,

reach out a hand,

to heal another

when it is you

needing to be saved.


To be a savior

would be a treat,


mending of

the life within.


Should I smile

and say okay

to ease your mind

so you may

walk away?


Call me if you

need me is the

refrain I hear

to which I nod

as you walk away.

Spend the time

with a fellow soul,

one in need of

life's consolation

on the rocky shoals.


Are you a savior,

or just a reminder

of who I could be

instead of the one

that I am today?


If I reveal enough

of who I am

would this coax

me to become

the one yet to be?


Call me if you

have the time,

my heart does plead.

You nod and echo back

my love I feel for you.


© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.


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