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Lyrics - I Dance

I finished my poem of the day, walked across the room, and found myself dancing to a Placebo song. Goodness I thought, an opportunity for another expression of dancing. I sat down and wrote out all the reasons why I dance. These became the heart of the lyrics “I Dance”.

I Dance
Poem for Day 248 – 20150906

I dance
to remember joy,
smile to face, quick to step.
to celebrate
the world of you and me.
to recall the past,
songs of happy memories.
to forgive regrets,
songs of things put to rest.
to feel the beat,
rhythms that reach to the soul.
to meet another,
seeking to embrace myself.
to fill a need,
against another skin to skin.
to imagine,
a world filled by God's meter.
to join you,
a soul similar to mine in heart.
to feel alive,
embracing the moment in this time.

So many reasons of equal import,
these ends and beginnings alike,
for these reasons I dance,
I dance,
I dance,
I dance.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: celebration, dance, poem

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