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Poem - 67%

The poem "67%" is an incredibly dark and selfish rant. Somedays are like that, and it is one of my 100 poetry themes challenge.

Poem for Day 250 – 20150908

Two thirds of cup filled,
measure of a life lived
connected to my fellow man.
One thirds of a cup empty,
measure of sanity's lack
disconnected with no life line.

Two thirds of a cup filled
with the things I enjoy
fulfilled in my life.
One thirds of a cup filled
tears I cry in frustration
of my time in this life.

To drown in madness,
to refresh with sanity,
can both exist in ratios
that allow life to continue
with the cup I've requested
and the life I don't want.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: depression, life, poem

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